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Bug Out Bags (Emergency Kits)

The 72 hour emergency kit is a ready to grab and go bag that meets all your survival necessities, and is recommened by FEMA and the Red Cross. Commonly known by survival preppers as a Bug-Out-Bag (BOB) or a go-bag (sometimes a Get Out of Doge Bag - GOOD), this pack should contain a wide array of tools, essential needs, and many items that most don't think of grabbing in a disaster/crisis situation.

Zombtac Bug Out Bags (BOB)

Voodoo Tactical Molle bag (left) and a CamelBak BMF with an intergrated 3 liter water bladder, are a great platform for a custom suited BOB.

Zombtac BOB are comprehensive emergency solutions. Everything from survival tools to spare contact lenses, individual meds,
comprehensive first aid, micro electronics are considered. Repackaging for lighter loads, and vacuum sealing and waterproofing is also applied, as are redundant systems and thge best field-tested gear.

Zombtac uses many of the following products in the made-to-order BOB:
CambelBak, Surefire, Gerber, Aquamira, Benchmade, Ka-Bar, Leatherman, Mountain House, Surefire, US-issue MIlitary Surplus, Quick-Clot, ColdSteel, Katadyn, 3M, and more.

Please field all inquires to: info@zombtac.com

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