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Custom Refinishing

Zombtac Custom Refinishing

The gun is a tool...and can be a work of art. From Zombie Camoflauge to Comic Book artwork Decoupage, custom duracoat finishes, to airbrushed artwork, from refinished milsurp wood stocks and matching leather accents, to ammocans of all sizes in motif artwork ranging from Deer Hunting to Zombie hunting, we got you covered at Zombtac.

- Duracoat Gun Finish
- Airbrushing
- Wood Stock/ Furniture Refinishing
- Custom Artwork
- Custom Zombie Rifle Furniture - AR-15,Magpul, AK-47, Saiga, Remington Stocks, Mossberg Stocks
- Customized gun accessories and parts
- Carving, leatherwork
- Fiberglass & Poly Custom Stock Work/ Reprofling
- Airbrushed Art Ammo cans for sale

We currently do not work on firearms, only furniture, stocks, and parts!