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Zombie Head Decanter

The Civil War caused a shortage of whiskey. Not only were many men drawn from their day jobs to fight in the war, but many battles were fought in the major American whiskey distilling regions.

The impending Zombie Apocalypse will cause a shortage of everything. A man should not be without his Bourbon. Store it in style in a Zombie Head Decanter. Because after a long day of killing Zeds, you've earned it, Zombie Hunter.

Barbuzzo's Zombie Head Decanter

We at Zombtac love our Whiskey. Bourbon, specifically. Kentucky Straight. I don't know exactly how I feel about putting Kentucky Straight Bourbon into Chinese-made glass, but it sure looks cool in the bar.
And sometimes that goes a long way.

The Chinese cork is somewhat dubious, looking like it's made from some cheap particle board, and that will be replaced immediately. The head itself, appears somewhat smaller than the typical decanter, but the 800ml size is ideal for dumping our 750ml small batch Bourbons.

800ml / 27 oz.

Packaging reads:

Hey you!
Show your bravery by drinking from the skull of a zombie! These flesh eating abominations have long been know to be the most feared creatures to walk the earth; hungry for brains, the only way to kill one is to cut off its head! Store your favorite spirit in the Zombie Head Decanter and impress your friends and laugh in the face of those flesh eating abominations!

Well they got that "only way to kill" part wrong, but yes, we will laugh in the face of those flesh eating abominations...then we will pass out.

(more pics below)


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