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Zombtac Talahassee Tactical Kit

Universal Shotgun Kit.

1 - OD Heat Shield

1 - OD Hard Plastic SideShell (6 shell) Carrier w/ Velcro Backing

1- OD/Black Butt Pad with-

2- OD Detachable/Velcro Cloth 5-shell carriers

1- Tru Glo Front Low Profile Bead Site (Green)

1- Zombatc Recoil Tube (for Topfolder Configuration only)

1- OD one-point detachable tactical sling

1 - Front Tube Tri-rail

1- Velcro mount receiver sidesaddle mount strip

Inquiries: info@zombtac.com

Mossberg 500 Talahassee Topfolder Configuration

Mossberg 500 Platform 12 gauge Hogue Stock Configuration

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