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AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1.

Zombtac Review: Survival: AMC's The Walking Dead

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- Darryl Dixon, "Vatos"

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*NOTE: please understand that this is a spoiler-free review of the TV show, which does not discuss details of the series, or reveal any information. It is meant to explain elements of the show, and what makes it stand out.

AMC launched The Walking Dead on Halloween, October 31, 2010. The six episode series became a critical hit and international success (debuting during the same week in 120 countries). It is the highest watched premiere for the cable television channel.

The Walking Dead is based on a 2003 comic book of the same name by writer Robert Kirkman (who wrote the fourth episode of the show) and artist Tony Moore. It was developed and produced by show runner Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, The Mist) who also wrote and directed the premiere episode.

The show follows the story of a band of survivors struggling in the aftermath of a “zombie apocalypse.” Although its debut on Halloween and trendy 2000s subject of zombies would suggest a “monster movie” scenario, The Walking Dead is more about the human condition and how people deal with crisis and is essentially a beautifully composed survival primer.

The zombie apocalypse as a metaphor works well in The Walking Dead. Sure, there are ‘walkers’ and they pose a threat, but the series treats the situation with ultra-realism and the survival/crisis response to such an event carries well throughout.

Other zombie movies have dealt with many post-apocalyptic situations, and some elements of The Waking Dead may seem derivative (“28 Days Later did that!”) . However what the series does well is pack many different situations and events in a well driven story in a 292 minute mini-series. It covers so much ground and so many different scenarios in the first season that it really serves as a very comprehensive (and very long) zombie/survival movie.

Another compelling force of the show is the human condition. The Walking Dead is about people, not zombies. Watching the struggle of the human condition against the daunting odds of an apocalyptic situation is really what makes zombie movies so popular.

Just like any great epic tale elements of love and loss propel the story. The zombie apocalypse is a cruel world and there is a lot of love and loss to deal with. People react and interact very differently in crisis and this is also explored throughout the series. Relationships, racial tensions, loyalties, and different points of view are masterfully examined and tested in the story. The emotional toll is often expressed poetically, and the great acting in such situations is magnified by powerful visual storytelling and a moving score.

The adeptness of expressing human emotion in the face of a crisis lies with the people behind the show. The casting and acting is superb. The writing, pacing, score, and cinematography are extremely well done. The entire series is crafted at such a high level.

If you have not yet watched AMC’s series The Walking Dead I implore you to do so! I would include a viewing in any survival seminar I was conducting. Season 1 is only 6 episodes long (just under 5 hours) and really translates as a long self-contained movie. AMC has picked up a 13 episode second season of the series, which is slated to debut October 2011, but I maintain season one will always successfully stand-alone.

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Blu-Ray Release (March 8, 2011):
Run Time: 292 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 (original aspect ratio)
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The entire series was shot on 16mm film not on HD video as most modern TV shows, so it produces a lovely grain and gritty feel in high definition, which actually works well with the tone of the show. The cinematography is excellent and does well on a large HD screen with plenty of bright light and natural although somewhat faded tones. The times hauntingly complimentary and at other times playfully juxtaposed score translates well into a surround sound format in Dolby TrueHD 5.1 lossless soundtrack.

DISC SPOLIER ALERT: if you’re watching it for the first time, the actual menu art is somewhat spoilerish. Just hit play and try not to look at any of the images in the background! Read a complete technical review @ Bluray.com


AMC's Official The Walking Dead website.

The Walking Dead original trailer. SPOILER ALERT! Do not watch if you don't want to spoiled with future scenes/events.


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