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AMC's The Walking Dead Season 2 Trailer

The Walking Dead Season 2 - October 16th on AMC. Comic Con Trailer.

The San Diego Comic Con offered our first comprehensive glimpse of the much-anticipated second season (13 episodes) of The Walking Dead, which debuts October 16th on AMC.
The first six episode season delivered a masterfully crafter movie-quality survival primer, and could be viewed as a self-contained movie. There were doubts whether the second season would deliver at the same level.

The 4:39 minute Comic Con trailer can put any initial doubts to rest. Anyone who is a fan of trailers, appreciating the art of condensing and highlighting a larger story and editing it dramatically to emotional music, should be impressed by this one. It ranks right up there with best of them including the 300 movie trailer set to Nine Inch Nail's "Just as You Imagined" and the Gears of War original video game trailer set to Gary Jules' cover of Tears for Fears' "Mad World".

March, 6 2012 Edit: After watching most of the second season, it seems it will not live up to the awesomeness of this trailer, nor the masterpiece first season (which I will always maintain is a event-level stand-alone work). This trailer still is probably the best thing about season 2. The suspense, and feel of struggle captured in it along with the awesome edits set to perfectly paired music will always make it a The Walking Dead gem, just like the stand-alone Season 1.


Here is the Comic Con The Walking Dead Season 2 trailer directly at the AMC website.



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