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Dead-On Annihlator : Ultimate Zombie Crowbar?

It's made by Dead-On. It's called the Annihailator. It has an extreme design and a skull logo. 'Nuff said.

Survival: Review: Dead-On Annihilator Crowbar

18-Inch Utility and Wrecking Bar Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 1.2 x 18 inches ; 3.7 pounds

Here's the deal. This is actually a very useful wrecking bar/nail puller that is quite functional in any home demolition.

But forget that for now. It's made by a company called Dead-On. It's called The Annihilator. It has an extreme design that looks like a prop straight out of a zombie movie and it even has a skull and crossbones logo sticker on it. What's not to love zombie fans? Buy it. Display it. Put it in your kit.

From Dead-On Tools:

7 Reasons why this is the world's best Ultimate Utility Bar:

1. Demolition Hammer
2. Nail/Puller/Tile Ripper
3. Board Straightener
4. Demolition Axe
5. Precision Balance
6. Multi-purpouse Wrench/Nail Puller
7. Chisel


We just want to add that the spikey chisel end is a really sharp spike, and that there is a bottle opener under the hammer head (upper right side).

Note: It's billed at under 4 pounds, but it really feels denser. Definitley not for the backpack. Would recommend for a campsite/apartment/home or it's really an ideal vehicle utility bar. 

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