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Commercial Manufacturer Markets Zombie Ammo

October 13, 2011. Hornady announces Zombie Max Ammunition line.

Hornady's Zombie Max Sell Sheet (PDF).

First the CDC jumped on the Zombie bandwagon. Now a major sporting goods commercial ammunition manufacturer, Hornaday is keeping it rolling.

Hornady Manufacturing felt the ONLY ammo worth using was Certified Zombie Ammunition. Hornady has placed it's own special "Z-Max" Glowing Green Tipped Bullet in a variety of zombie shooting calibers. Hornady estimates shipping all calibers minus the 12ga around Oct 31st, 2011 .

ZOMBIE MAX™ Ammunition and PROVEN Z-MAX™ Bullets

Available in the following calibers: 9mm, 40 S&W, .45 Auto, 00 Buckshot, .223, 762x29, and .308.

OK the shotgun shells are black and green and say "Zombie Max" on them. Yes, we're picking some up

The green-tipped hollow point Z-Max .45 ACP cartridge is a great compliment to our Z45 carbine.
Despite the premium prices this line of ammo is a best-seller at most large online outlets.

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